dsc04256This afternoon I stopped off to pick up a good portion of half a pig. Dan and Sherry have returned from their ranch with a cut and wrapped Berkshire pig. To follow up on this post, the final weight of the meat from my half of the pig was seventy pounds. When they factored in the cost of the pigs, the feed, the butcher fee, and whatever other expenses go into raising pigs for the slaughter, the price per pound was about $3.60.

My gluttony made me eager to fit the entire 70 pounds in my freezer, but common sense prevailed. Plus, my friends gave me a bonus. The bottom half of my freezer is crammed with chops, leg roast, bone-in loin roasts, two one-pound wraps of ground pork, a pork side (which must be the belly), a pound of bacon, and a smoked ham. As an extra treat, Dan and Sherry handed over a blue plastic bag with a large beef liver and tongue. Oh, my freezer runneth over!

I meant to clean out more room on the top half of my freezer. But you can see that I still have tubs of chicken broth, a flat plastic container of the ossi da mordere cookies, slices of chuch roast, and two big bags of frozen Meyer lemon juice cubes to provide me with my favorite lemon-shallot vinaigrette dressing for the next year.

We’ll see how long it takes me to make a dent in the pork supply.  Stay tuned…

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