dsc04359Wouldn’t you know it? Just when I’m making headway in my lasagna garden, interest rates drop. I suppose it’s a little narcissistic to begrudge the timing of our economy’s collapse, but still… As a result of refinancing my mortgage, I now have money to fix the myriad problems in my garden, starting with the drainage mess under my lawn. Over the next few months, our neighborhood contractor Jeff will orchestrate the removal of my lawn, the installation of a non-potable water sump pump in the old big, unused cistern underground, the grading of the ground, the addition of decomposed granite, the plotting out of paths, the construction of six 3X8 redwood raised beds, and the replacement of my faulty irrigation system with one that uses the non-potable water conserved by the sump pump underground. My garden will be utterly transformed.

It means, however, that, when the little bobcat — or whatever the minature earthmover is called — begins to tear up my lawn, I will have to have unmade the lasagna beds and have folded them away in the sheets of black plastic that covered them. Ah, gee. As you can see in the photo above, I have four fava bean and three borlotti bean plants as well as a flock o’arugula flourishing quite nicely in my nearly three-foot high beds. My only hope lies in Jeff’s usual delays. Undoubtedly, I will get at least one harvest of arugula before I undo my good works. The harvest of a few favas may be too much to hope for.

Nevertheless, I have a lot to look forward to. When Jeff has transformed my garden, it will be too late to plant tomatoes and egpplant, but I look forward to late summer when I can begin the chard, kale, and other vegetables that tolerate the cooler temperatures of fall and winter. And instead of lasagna beds, I will attempt square foot gardening. I think that’s what it’s called. Or maybe these gardening fads are no more useful than diet fads. Just do, manage it, and keep it under control.

Stay tuned…

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