3200 Lawrenceville Road (Route 206 near Carter Road), Lawrenceville, NJ. www.cherrygrovefarm.com

Growing up in New Jersey’s toxic wasteland near the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel and Manhattan beyond, my home state’s motto, “The Garden State,” never made much sense to me. But on a recent trip to visit family in Princeton, I discovered the side of New Jersey that lived up to its motto.

Cherry Grove Farm, located within a few miles of Princeton, sells everything that would make moving back to New Jersey imaginable: artisanal cheeses, grassfed beef, grassfed lamb, whey-fed pork, free range eggs, all the comforts that I’ve come to associate largely with the food culture of the West Coast and only the northern part of it at that.

My cousin and I stopped by there after gorging ourselves on delicious gazpacho over at Terhune’s Orchards (330 Cold Soil Road). Just when I thought I couldn’t ingest one more nibble, we arrive here at Cherry Grove Farm, where I tasted their Buttercup brie and two rich samplings of housemade shortbread — lavender and ginger/cardomon. If the meat is as good as the dairy and baking products, then life in New Jersey would be feasible — just.

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