I plan to add a post about my recent two and a half weeks in England and Wales. Let’s just say for the moment that I ate very well. Nay, too well. In the U.S., we have much to learn from the sustainable and organic food scene there. At the same time, Britain is a cautionary tale. Rates of obesity are not on the decline in spite of a very lively organic food and cooking movement. Unfortunately, the flurry of errands and catch-up tasks that continue to fall on me ever since I arrived home have prevented me from devoting time to thinking about what I want to say.

In the meantime, my sister sent me a link to an interview Charlie Rose did with David Bouley, the Franco-american chef in NYC. It’s worth listening to in its entirety. He offers a fascinating way to think about the so-called fusion of ethnic cuisines. He made me even more determined to make an eating trip to Asia in the next few years — if I can afford it. Watch, you may get the urge, too.

Parenthetically, why do I feel a twinge of embarrassment for people being interviewed who look into the camera lens instead of the person interviewing them? Is it narcissism on their part? Or are they simply more candid about who really is the interlocutor, i.e. the viewer? Anyway, it bugged me but not enough to turn it off.

To watch the 33-minute video clip, click here.

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