I’ll save you the trouble of figuring out what to pack on your cross-country car trip through Texas and the South in August. You’re welcome.


First-aid kit

Your entire wardrobe in a big suitcase

A bag of five pairs of shoes

3 purses

2 hats

2 bath towels

4 audio books

3 novels

2 non-fiction books

Body pillow

Biscuit bowl

5 lbs King Arthur Self-Rising Flour (for those folks who don’t believe White Lily makes the grade)

2 flats of 25 freshly picked unripened peaches (to ripen under tea towels in car — or rot. Whichever.)

1 jar homemade corn relish

Bathroom scale


Mac Air




Jawbone Jam Box

One 6-plug power strip


Homemade cereal

2 cases almond milk

Flax seeds with spice grinder

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons


Picnic hamper with settings for 4 (even though you’re traveling alone)


1 six-pack of beer

Coffee filter

2 lbs Peet’s Aged Sumatra

20 oz Contigo travel mug

1 jar plum licorice chutney

3 cans Smoked tuna fish


Insect-Shield sleeping bag insert (you never know)

Mattress pad


Cutting board and knife

Oyster shucker

Water thermos


But I forgot a toothbrush.

And I hope everything will all still be in my car when the mechanics in the Claremont Toyota dealership finish reattaching my back bumper to the chassis.

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