IMG_1264Normally, selfies have no place in this blog. While I was writing at a table in the lobby of my delightful hotel, however, a friend and colleague advised me (half-jokingly) by email that evidence of hard work while on my road trip would go a long way towards pleasing the higher-ups this coming fall, when they study my triennial review file. Immediately, I dragooned a passing French tourist and voilà to the left. Not that it will be me who ensures that the committee sees it. My colleague says he will do it. I spent an enjoyable three hours at this table. It was too bloody (104) hot for trekking around Austin.

However, early this evening, I walked to dinner at a chi-chi taqueria, La Condesa, about a mile away. What was I thinking? When your server answers, no, I can’t order two different types of taco because these are “gourmet tacos,” run. Alas, I didn’t. People of northern Californians, hear me! La Condesa has a tacqueria on Main Street in St. Helena.  Be forewarned.

Texans sure like living in or buying street food from Airstream trailers. They’re everywhere, even on the walls.



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