DSC02523When walking toward the city center, I pass a little wine shop down the street from me on rue Leyteire that also claims to be a wine club, although I’ve never been by or gone in when anyone else is there except the owner or an employee. That probably has more to do with the hours I keep than with the business they handle. At first, I was disappointed that the young woman who works there during the week speaks English, but she is so nice and helpful that I try and make that the store where I get my wine. The wines they carry are not exclusively from Bordeaux and I’ve liked every one of them. Their prices are affordable. In fact, on the recommendation of the woman, I bought a delicious white wine that has semillon blended in it for 5.90e. Not bad. It’s a cave that’s all heart and dedication to wine. I hope they get more business, because they’re a wonderful part of the neighborhood. Very convenient for the Marché des Capucins, too. Not sure I want to “be the wine” I want to see in the world, in the Gandhian sense, but I’m willing to drink it.

Apparently, they have only a Facebook page here.

85 rue Leyteire

Bordeaux, of course

One thought on “Bordeaux, Week 8: Be the Wine

  1. Hey Sally,  Larry and I will have the Curtis wine group over on September 20th. Hope you’ll be back by then.  I sent out my first newsletter. It was ugly and not at all what I hope it will be but at least it went out. YAYYYYYY! I had over 30 bounces.  Turns out that entering a contact list of 300+ while watching Giants’ games leads to many, many typos. I will next work on a cool banner that I can reuse and just change the photo layer and leave the text permanent. xo We saw a great jazz singer at Harlows Friday night. Catherine Russell. Fab!!!!  There were 8 of us. The place was jammed. x Maggie

    Laugh as often as you possibly can. YUP! http://www.maggiejimenez.com 916 446 4701

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